Bengal Rescue Australia


Bengal Rescue Australia is a non-profit organization aiming to work with registered breeders as well as the public in order to reduce the burden in other shelters & also foster homes, where applicable.

Our mission to help rehome into permanent, loving situations as many “rescue” Bengals as possible!


Every Bengal cat that appears on this site will have its own unique & special story that has resulted in its appearance here.

Common reasons for rehoming include change of life circumstance (e.g. death of owner, owner moving overseas due to work) as well as special needs cases where the cat may have been neglected/mistreated. Such cats will often have behavioural problems that will need patience & understanding.

Other adult Bengals commonly needing rehoming are cats that have been used in registered breeding programmes & are seeking “retirement” homes once they have finished their breeding “careers”.

We are essentially a referral service –  we will do all that we can to refer you to the Bengal that may best suit your situation.

Naturally, the more information you are able to give us, the better match we will be able to find for you but please also provide as much information as you feel comfortable with to the shelter/home/breeder that is the current carer.


Bengals, alongside other felines, are increasingly appearing in shelters nationwide...

This site is not being maintained. 

For up-to-date information on cats available for adoption, please visit our Facebook page.